UROP: Potential Faculty Sponsors in CFANS

If you want to do a project in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), the first steps are to identify a faculty member you'd like to work with, and to develop a proposal. Most faculty welcome the opportunity to supervise and collaborate with students on these projects.

CFANS professors who have sponsored past UROP student-projects or who are willing to collaborate in the future include:

Applied Economics

Elizabeth Davis, Department of Applied Economics
612-625-7028, edavis@umn.edu
Interests: Labor economics, poverty and welfare reform, rural economics

Frances Homans, Department of Applied Economics
612-625-6220, fhomans@umn.edu
Interests: Regulation of renewable natural resources, both in commercial and recreational settings

Jason Kerwin
612-625-5719, jkerwin@umn.edu
Interests: Development and growth, health economics, labor economics

Food, Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Brian Crooker, Department of Animal Science
612-625-3185, crook001@umn.edu
Interests: Nutritional physiology and lactation in dairy cattle

Craig Hassel, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-7288, chassel@umn.edu
Interests: Diversity in food and health epistemology, cross-cultural engagement

Anup Johny
612-625-5277, anupjohn@umn.edu
Interests: Interventional microbiology, food safety and quality

Ted LaBuza, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-9701, tplabuza@umn.edu
Interests: Water activity, food stability, food safety, food law, shelf life testing and dating, bioterrorism, contaminants in food, time-temperature integrator tags

Krishona Martinson, Department of Animal Science
612-625-6776, krishona@umn.edu
Interests: Equine forage utilization, equine industry impacts and trends

Douglas Mashek, Department of Food Science & Nutrition
612-626-2904, dmashek@umn.edu
Interests: Saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids

Laura Mauro, Department of Animal Science
612-624-6274, mauro002@umn.edu
Interests: Cellular biology, animal physiology

Len Marquart, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-3255, lmarquar@umn.edu
Interests: Food quality, food service management, whole grains and health, cereal grains

Melissa Palmer
612-625-1814, melissap@umn.edu
Interests: Animal physiology

Marla Reicks, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-4735, mreicks@umn.edu
Interests: Nutrition education and application of behavior change theory

Gary. A. Reineccius
Interests: Encapsulation of food ingredients, emulsions and flavoromics (chemometrics as applied to flavor chemistry)

Milena Saqui-Salces
612-624-4277, msaquisa@umn.edu
Interests: Endocrine function of the gastrointestinal tract

Tonya Schoenfuss, Department of Food Science & Nutrition
612-624-3090, tschoenf@umn.edu
Interests: Cheese processing and manufacturing, fermented milks

Joanne Slavin, Department of Food Science & Nutrition
612-624-7234, jslavin@umn.edu
Interests: Dietary fiber, resistant starch, phytochemicals

Chery Smith, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-2217, csmith@umn.edu
Interests: Social affects of nutritional status and dietary behavior, obesity

Zata Vickers, Department of Food Science and Nutrition
612-624-2257, zvickers@umn.edu
Interests: Food acceptability, sensory evaluation of foods

Plant Sciences

Neil Anderson, Department of Horticultural Science
612-624-6701, ander044@umn.edu
Interests: Flower breeding and genetics

Lois Braun, Department of Agronomy & Plant Genetics
651-641-1880, brau0259@umn.edu

Changbin Chen, Department of Horticultural Science
612-626-5965, chenx481@umn.edu
Interests: Plant molecular genetics

Dr. Jerry Cohen, Department of Horticultural Science
612-624-9212, cohen047@umn.edu
Interests: Plant biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology related to the regulation of plant growth and development

Julie Grossman
612-625-8597, jgross@umn.edu
Interests: Organic agriculture, soil nutrient cycling, legume cover crops, rhizobia ecology, biological nitrogen fixation

Linda Kinkel, Department of Plant Pathology
612-625-0277, kinkel@umn.edu
Interests: Ecology of plant-associated micro-organisms, especially antibiotic-producing bacteria, in native prairie and in agricultural soils

James Kurle, Department of Plant Pathology
612-625-3167, kurle001@umn.edu
Interests: Soybean yield, soybean cultivars

Mary Meyer
612-301-1247, meyer023@umn.edu
Interests: Plant identification and landscape usage, ornamental and native grasses, prairie restoration

Mary Rogers
612-624-8871, roge0168@umn.edu
Interests: Organic horticultural food systems, insect pest management, vegetable crop management systems, controlled environment agriculture, urban agriculture

Deborah Samac, Department of Plant Pathology
612-625-1243, dasamac@umn.edu
Interests: Disease resistance and persistence of alfalfa stands, and to introduce new traits into alfalfa to increase utilization in new environments and for new uses

Alan Smith, Department of Horticultural Science
612-624-9290, smith022@umn.edu
Interests: Genetics, biotechnology, tissue cultures

Brian Steffenson, Department of Plant Pathology
612-625-4735, bsteffen@umn.edu
Interests: Barley genetics, disease resistance

Cindy Tong, Department of Horticultural Science
612-624-3419, c-tong@umn.edu
Interests: Molecular biology

Eric Watkins, Department of Horticultural Science
612-624-7496, ewatkins@umn.edu
Interests: Turfgrass science

Bioresources and Bioenergy

Abdennour Abbas
612-624-4292, aabbas@umn.edu
Interests: Biosensors and bionanotechnology for food safety, environmental control, biodiagnostics, and biodefense

Bo Hu, Department of Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering
612-625-4215, bhu@umn.edu
Interests: Biomaterials and drug delivery, cell immobilization and granulation

Kevin Janni, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
612-625-3108, kjanni@umn.edu
Interests: Air quality, livestock systems, ventilation

Pete Marchetto
201-403-5470, marchetto@umn.edu
Interests: Sensors and sensing systems for environmental applications, outdoor robotics

Roger Ruan, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
612-625-1710, ruanx001@umn.edu
Interests: Biorefining, bioprocessing, biofuel, biomaterial and value-added process development

Sangwon Suh, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
612-624-5307, sangwon@umn.edu
Interests: Industrial ecology and life cycle analysis

Ulrike Tschirner, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
612-624-8798, tschi007@umn.edu
Interests: Biomass conversion (pretreatment, saccharification, pulping)

Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

Todd Arnold, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-2220, arnol065@umn.edu
Interests: Population ecology and management of grassland and wetland-dependent wildlife

Robert Blair, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-2198, blairrb@umn.edu
Interests: Land use effects on bird and butterfly communities

Dean Current, Department of Forest Resources
612-624-4299, curre002@umn.edu
Interests: Fair trade, sustainable natural resource management

Mae Davenport, Department of Forest Resources
612-625-5212, mdaven@umn.edu
Interests: Sustainable land use, recreation planning, community-based ecosystem management

Tim Griffis, Department of Soil, Water and Climate
612-625-3117, tgriffis@umn.edu
Interests: Climatology

Jose Hernandez, Department of Soil, Water & Climate
612-625-4731, jahernan@umn.edu

Mark Hove, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-3019, hovex002@umn.edu
Interests: Freshwater mussels, upper-Midwest mussel and fish distribution

Kenneth Kozak, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-3982, kozak016@umn.edu
Interests: Amphibians and reptiles species accumulation

Edward Nater, Department of Soil, Water & Climate
612-625-1725, enater@umn.edu
Interests: Biogeochemical processes of mercury and other pollutants, wet soils, peatlands

Ray Newman
612-625-5704, rnewman@umn.edu
Interests: Aquatic ecology, invasive species, and fisheries management

Ingrid Schneider, Department of Forest Resources
612-624-2250, ingridss@umn.edu
Interests: Attitudes and behaviors of those involved in recreation and nature-based tourism activities. Specific interests include conflict and diversity in recreation.

Andrew Simons, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-6292, asimons@umn.edu
Interests: Fish distribution and evolution

David Smith, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-5369, smith017@umn.edu
Interests: Biology and conservation of Asian mammals, conservation data bases, ecosystem management, and population genetic structure

Peter Sorensen, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-4997, soren003@umn.edu
Interests: Physiology and behavior of fish; olfaction, fish reproductive biology, pheromones, control of exotics, fish migration, aquatic chemical ecology

Dawn Tanner, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Interests: Urban wildlife and remote-camera monitoring

Brandy Toner, Department of Soil, Water & Climate
612-624-1362, toner@umn.edu
Interests: Chemical and biological processes of metals

Robert Venette, Department of Entomology
651-649-5028, venet001@umn.edu
Interests: Invasion biology and population ecology of exotic species, statistical methods to quantify risk associated with pink bollworm on cotton

Bruce Vondracek, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
612-624-8748, vondr001@umn.edu
Interests: Fish community ecology and stream ecology

Marcella Windmuller-Campione
612-624-3699, mwind@umn.edu
Interests: Silviculture and applied forest ecology