Research and Outreach Centers

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CFANS has 10 research and outreach centers around the state; they translate cutting-edge science into everyday solutions for their communities, the state and beyond.

Enhancing Minnesota

Enhancing Minnesota

CFANS research enhances Minnesota's economy and way of life in every corner of the state.



Minnesota's Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy fosters innovation, cultivates strategic business collaborations that advance Minnesota's economy, and enhances the university's ability to produce breakthrough research that addresses our state's and society's greatest challenges.

Hidden Obvious


At CFANS, our unique collaborative approach helps us unearth hidden, but obvious, solutions to critical problems. Through these and other images, we're telling the story of how research, education and outreach initiatives in the college make a difference to Minnesota and around the world.

Centers and Cooperatives


CFANS faculty, staff and students study and work in dozens of centers that supplement and enhance the work of academic departments. Many of these centers include faculty from across multiple departments and colleges within the University of Minnesota as well as partners in other universities, public and private organizations.

Global Research


As the college most closely connected with the University of Minnesota's historical roots as a land-grant institution, our programs support the university’s goal of becoming one of the world’s top research universities through interdisciplinary and aligned research efforts and a systems approach to complex problems.