Borealis Night of Excellence — CANCELLED for 4/11/19

Borealis Night of Excellence


On Thursday, April 11, come celebrate the CFANS community at Borealis Night of Excellence! On this evening, the CFANS Alumni Society, CFANS Undergraduate Student Board, and CFANS Graduate Student Board will come together to honor alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends of CFANS for their commitment and accomplishments both on and off campus. At this celebration, the following awards will be presented:

  • the newly structured and prestigious, Borealis Awards
  • CFANS Mentor Program Honorees
  • Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award Honorees
  • Alumni Society Scholarship Recipient Recognition
  • Borealis Circle Induction

Help us celebrate outstanding students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the college! 

RSVP by Wednesday, April 3rd.

Congratulations to our 2019 Award Recipeints:

Borealis Awards:

  • Outstanding Club Advisor  Mark Hove, '87, B.S. Fisheries
  • Exemplary Graduate Student Organization  Frenatae
  • Exemplary Undergraduate Student Organization  Agricultural Business Club
  • Alumni Service  Beth Nelson, '90, Ph.D. Agronomy
  • Outstanding Friend  Tim Claus and Kristin Harner 
  • Exemplary Staff  Tracy Fallon, '96, B.S. Natural Resources/Environmental Studies
  • Exemplary Faculty  Sue Galatowitsch, '84, M.S. Botany
  • Exemplary Post Doc  Erin Treiber
  • Student Leadership Award  Graduate  Samuel Reed and Anh Tran, '16, M.S. Entomology 
  • Student Leadership Award  Undergraduate  Grace Ditch
  • Distinguished Alumni  Gary Dahms, '69, B.S. Ag Business
  • Lifetime Achievement  Jerry Hawton, Ph.D. Animal Science
  • Little Red Oil Can  Student  Joseph Ramstad
  • Little Red Oil Can — Non-Student  Betty Davidson and Sara Jensen 

CFANS Mentor Program Honorees:

  • 10-year mentors
    • Becky Wahlund, '82, B.S. Consumer Food Science
    • Brenda Jacob, '82, B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 5-year mentors
    • Emily Jerve, '01, B.S. Agriculture
    • Mary Lombardi
    • Mitchel Holliday
    • Jim Radtke, '81, Ph.D. Plant Breeding
    • Jessica Koehle, '06, M.S. Conservation Biology
    • Andrew McBride, '12, B.S. Ag/Food Business Management 
    • Matthew Kistner, '13, M.S. Water Resource Management
    • Stacy Vossberg, '06, B.S. Ag/Food Business Management 
    • Jina Sorensen, '08, B.S. Nutrition
    • Erin Cuomo
    • Emily Wilmes, '13, B.S. Animal Science and '18, M.Ed. Ag Education

Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award Honorees

This recognition is a new award in order to recognize individuals who take time out of their busy schedules to recognize deserving juniors interested in food, agricultural and natural resoruce sciences. Volunteers who have participated over 5 years are being recognized this year. In the following years volunteers will only be recognized on a 5, 10, and 15 year basis.

  • 12-year participant
    • Kent Horsager, '84, B.S. Ag Education
  • 11-year participant
    • Keith Wolf, '79, B.B.A. Ag Business Administration
  • 10-year participants
    • Nancy Wiitanen, '94, M.Ed, Teacher Leadership
    • Kent Thiesse, '75, B.S. Animal Science, '92, M.Ed, Ag Education
    • Cynthia Clanton, '83, B.S. Technical Communications
    • Paul Aarsvold, '94, B.S. Ag Education
  • 8-year participants
    • Rusty Nelson, '69, B.S. Animal Science, '71, B.S. Food Science and Technology
    • Chuck Horsager, '83, B.B.A. Ag Business Administration
    • Christopher Giese
    • Alyson Landmark, '01, M.Ag. Agriculture
    • Kathryn Fernholz, '97, B.S. Forest Resources
    • David Lawstuen, '84, B.S. Animal Science, '87, M.S. Animal Science
  • 7-year participant
    • Mark Sample, '02, B.S. Animal Science
  • 6-year participants
    • Stephanie Wohlhuter, '02, B.S. Ag Education, '12, M.Ed., Ag Education
    • James Anderson, '87, B.S. Agronomy
  • 5-year participants
    • Donald Buhl, '72, B.S. Ag Education
    • Steven Olson, 87, B.S. Ag Education
    • Frank Bezdicek, '70, B.S. Ag Education
    • Carole Kenneally, '89, B.S. Food, Science and Technology