Agricultural Education

Agr Edu

This major prepares students to teach agricultural education for grades 5-12. You'll be licensed to teach agriscience, agribusiness, agriculture, horticulture, food systems, agrimechanics, and natural resource management. You'll learn the foundations of education, and do a year of student teaching.

Your studies will cover a range of topics, including agriculture, economics, natural resources, food systems, biology, humanities, and communications.

What jobs can I get with this major?

Most graduates of Agricultural Education go on to teach, although some pursue other careers with farms and ranches, commodity organizations, Extension, and government agencies. 

See a list of sample job titles and career-related information from the Career and Internship Services office. All CFANS students can get assistance from professional career counselors at this office.

Why choose CFANS for this major?

Faculty in the Agricultural Education department are known for their quality teaching, research, and service activities.

The department engages with communities and stakeholders across Minnesota, including public schools, the agriculture industry, and other colleges. Being part of CFANS means students in this major will be able to connect with a broad and dynamic network.

What classes are required? What's the curriculum like?

All students in this major take classes in applied economics, communications, introductory chemistry, as well as plant, soil and animal sciences. You can take other courses related to agriculture, natural resources, or food systems. In addition, you'll also study the foundations of education and do a year of student teaching.

Find Ag Ed program requirements in the University Catalog. For other details about academic planning and curriculum, see the Agricultural Education website, where you'll find a "Program Requirements" guide under each program (with a list of classes).

After you're admitted to CFANS, you'll work with an academic advisor to enroll in classes that fulfill this major's requirements. Your CFANS advisors will help you navigate the university and guide you toward academic success.