Undergraduate Majors & Minors

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CFANS students can choose from more than a dozen majors and pre-professional programs. We also offer 26 minors to complement your studies. Minors are available to all U of M undergraduates. Browse the list and see where CFANS can take you.


NOTE: The majors below are no longer open to incoming freshmen/transfer students.

Pre-Majors and Pre-Professional Programs

A pre-major is an undergraduate course of study that prepares students to pursue a specific upper-division degree program in another college. CFANS offers one pre-major program:

Pre-professional programs are designed to meet the entrance requirements to professional programs, such as veterinary medicine, medicine and dentistry. CFANS offers two pre-professional programs:

CFANS Minors

To declare one of the minors listed below, please complete one of our online forms on the Forms Online page.

For a complete list of majors and minors at the University, see the undergraduate catalog.