Bob Bergland

x1996 Production Agriculture 

Bob Bergland has left formidable footprints in the fertile soil of his native state. Bob’s farming roots are in northern Minnesota’s Roseau County. His studies took him to the University where he contributed to the University’s research and regional seed certification programs. He then went on to acclaim in county and state crop improvement associations, and further renown as a certified bluegrass seed producer.

Bergland didn’t stop there, however. He held a series of influential positions with the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service; held four consecutive terms in Congress, and became the first farmer to accept an appointment as Secretary of Agriculture. Still, throughout his far-reaching travels, Bergland has consistently reached back to reaffirm his heritage, always returning to the land.

While Secretary of Agriculture, Bergland led the USDA’s first comprehensive study of the structure of agriculture in modern times. Today, Bergland’s lasting influence can be seen in areas as diverse as rural development, energy conservation, research, education, disaster assistance, environmental protection, and farmer management of grain reserves.

From his agricultural contributions to his position as Regent at the University of Minnesota, Bergland’s life and work are rightfully held in high regard by his peers and admirers. Bob Bergland is a shining example of the brilliance that fuels an industry intent on better feeding the world’s people while conserving its resources for future generations.