Webinar: Effectively Connect Across Different Communication Styles

Kelsey Meyer Schalkle, consultant and coach
April 21, 2016
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Each year, US businesses lose $11 billion due to employee turnover resulting from low engagement. The Dale Carnegie Institute recently released a study revealing that over 75% of employees cite communication as the #1 opportunity for improving on-the-job engagement. Have you had communication-related issues individually or on your team? It can look like…
● Failing projects
● Consistent misunderstanding
● Challenging relationships
● Trouble delegating
● Long decision-making times
● Expectation setting
● Repeatedly making mistakes
● Low engagement and morale
● Gossip and rumor spreading
● Ineffective resource sharing


Kelsey Meyer Schalkle is an experienced consultant and coach with over eight years working for Fortune 100 companies including Target, Mondelēz and Ernst & Young in various roles ranging from recruitment to leadership development.

She partners with clients seeking meaningful, lasting change and has expertise in communications, leadership development, career crafting, entrepreneurship, women in leadership, transition & on-boarding, cultural dexterity and relationship and conflict coaching.