Watering Holes

CFANS sees what others can't.

When it comes to the health of the golf industry, we see ways to create environmental and economic sustainability to help save a struggling industry.

Through research-proven turfgrass varieties, innovative irrigation systems, improved land-use practices, development and implementation of robotic maintenance equipment and other sustainable golf course technologies, research in CFANS will inform the future of the sport.

Watering Holes

Today's golf courses face intense regulation to control inputs and protect natural resources. Through the Science of the Green™ project, CFANS and its partners are collaborating on research that will help turfgrass managers find new ways to use water-quality protection; stormwater management; recycled water use; alternative turfgrass species and change in irrigation water delivery design. In addition to advancing the game of golf, this research will have broad application for policymakers, land management professionals, urban planners, homeowners and others.

  • The United States golf economy generated an estimated $69 billion in goods and services in 2011, surpassing other leisure activities, such as spectator sports ($33 billion) and the performing arts ($15 billion).
Golf Water Tower