May 2017 Trivia Answers

Congratulations to Bill LeBarron '60 who was the first to get the trivia answer right! 

May alumni trivia question:

Each year the Department of Forest Resources hosts a fun-filled Foresters' Day celebration, which includes a pancake breakfast cooked by faculty and staff, tree climbing with the Tree Ascension Group, lumberjack games and timbersports with the Forestry Club, and an evening banquet. 

How many years has the department hosted the Foresters' Day celebration?

a) 75 years
b) 81 years
c) 95 years
d) 101 years

Answer: 81 years! 

This year marked the 81st annual Foresters Day Celebration in the Department of Forest Resources at CFANS. Sponsored by two undergraduate clubs, the Forestry Club and the Tree Ascension Group, the event was held on Friday April 21 in and around Green Hall on the St Paul campus.