Alumni spotlight: Theresa Twohey

2013, B.S. Agricultural Education-Leadership and Communications 

Advisor: Dr. James Leising

Current organization/ employer: Minnesota Pork Producers Association

Favorite memory of campus:
I loved MN Royal. It was one of my favorite weeks on campus where everyone could get together and celebrate agriculture. It was also a great way to learn about showing other species and meeting new people. The friendly yet competitive atmosphere surrounding the week made it a lot of fun.

Why did you choose CFANS as a college?
I was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA and had been on campus many times in my youth. There was just something about the campus that I loved. I loved the small-town feel that CFANS offered in the middle of a large university.

Why do you think the University of Minnesota is "great?"
I think the University of Minnesota is great because the campus has the Big 10 atmosphere with a small town feel. There are many opportunities that I was able to have because I was at the University of Minnesota. I knew that I wanted to do agriculture communications and there is no better place to learn how to promote agriculture then in the heart of Minneapolis.

Career information/ professional achievements:
I am working for the Minnesota Pork Producers Association as the Director of Communications and Marketing. I started this job just 3 weeks after I graduated from the University of Minnesota.

What's your passion? What do you love about your work and your field?
I love promoting agriculture and I love that I get to do that every day in my job through social media, PR events, newsletters and websites. I enjoy showing people what my life was like growing up and why I am lucky to be a part of agriculture.

How did your education at the U of M help prepare you for what you are doing today?
All of my journalism classes help me develop the skills I needed, the internships I had helped me network with individuals, and CFANS helped me hone in on the passion that I have for agriculture.

What advice do you have for current students (and future alumni)?
Stay active and be involved. I had the opportunity to be a part of the CFANS Mentor Program this past year as a mentor and it was a great experience for me to see things from the other side and help a student discover the goals she wants to accomplish at college.

Student activities:
Gopher Dairy Club
Beta of Clovia Sorority
CFANS Student Board