Highlights of Student Research

Fabian Young

Fabian Young

 Major: Agricultural and Food Business Management and minoring in Entrepreneurial Management 

 In my proposed study, I intended to examine the relationship between behavioral strategies and vegetable intake in children. I believed that increasing fruit and  vegetable intake could potentially stabilize and/or decrease obesity rates. To determine whether or not this was true, I joined Marla Reicks and her team of  expert researchers to assist with conducting their integrated research and extension project. The overall goal of the project is to increase vegetable intake  among low-income, multicultural children in an effort to prevent overweight or obesity. My involvement with the project was for the Fall semester of 2013, but  Marla and her team will not complete the project in its entirety until the end of summer 2014.

My role was to assist Tashara Leak, a PhD student in Nutrition, with quantitative and qualitative data collection. My objectives included collecting survey data, collecting anthropometric measurements, conducting and transcribing interviews.

Overall, I really had a fun time participating in undergraduate research. It provided me with the opportunity to work with a team who had already been working on my research area of interest. My experience also helped me strengthen my analytical skills and has made me even more detail-oriented than I already was. I truly love that my experience has had this particular effect on me because I will be able to use it to perform better at particular job functions or even in my coursework here at the university. My URS experience can be best described as the opportunity I had to mature as an individual and as a researcher.

Lawrence Karongo 

Lawrence Karongois a senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, majoring in applied economics and minoring in political science. His research interests include the analysis of social disparities, the assessment of impacts of policy implementation, the causes of income and racial inequality, the study of urban economic development, as well as the determinants of economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. Mr. Karongo plans to pursue a Masters in Public Policy, and eventually a Ph.D. in economics.