Undergraduate Scholarships: Frequently Asked Questions

What scholarships are available from CFANS?

The college awards over $1.5 million in scholarships each academic year to undergraduates enrolled in a CFANS major. Additionally, many academic departments also have their own scholarship funds for students in their majors.

How do I apply?

Incoming freshmen and transfer students do not apply for scholarships, rather we will automatically review your application for admission to determine if you are eligible for a scholarship from the University, the college and/ or an academic department.

More information for entering freshmen.
More information for transfer students.

Students who do not receive a scholarship as a new incoming student are eligible to apply for CFANS Academic Year Scholarships each year. The application period is mid-December – March 1 for funding that will be applied the next academic year.

What criteria is used to select for scholarships?

It depends! We have over a hundred different scholarship funds and each fund has unique criteria. In general, our scholarships are merit-based and take into consideration academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, leadership experiences, and academic and professional goals. Some funds select on the basis of financial need, area of residence, area of study, and other demographics. The good news is that students do not need to apply for individual scholarships; we’ll do the work of determining which funds a student is eligible for based on the information included in the admissions application and/ or the Academic Year Scholarship application. It is common for a student to be awarded a “package” with several different funds making up the scholarship total.

I have a CFANS minor, but my major is in a different college. Am I still eligible for a CFANS scholarship?

Unfortunately, no. You must be earning your degree through CFANS in order to be eligible for a college scholarship.

What do I need to do to maintain eligibility for my CFANS scholarship(s)?

  • Complete at least 13 term-based credits each semester in an approved CFANS major.
  • Show evidence you are making due progress on the four year degree plan in your CFANS major.
  • Successfully complete at least 30 credits by the end of your first year, 60 credits by the end of your second year and 90 credits by the end of your third year. Summer registration and transferable college credit can be used to meet the annual 30 credit requirement.
  • Maintain consecutive term enrollment and remain in good academic standing.

Note: This is the general criteria; certain scholarships may have additional criteria. Always refer to your scholarship award letter for criteria specific to your scholarship(s).

I was awarded a CFANS scholarship but have changed my major. Am I still eligible to receive the scholarship?

If your new major is still within CFANS, then most likely you’ll be able to keep your scholarship. Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator– we may need to switch the fund your scholarship is being paid from if the fund specifies a major in its eligibility criteria.

If your new major is in a different college, then you will no longer be eligible to receive your CFANS scholarship. Scholarships awarded by an academic department are usually contingent on you staying within that department’s major(s). Please contact your academic department directly to inquire about department level funds.

I have a special circumstance that will affect my enrollment. Will I lose my scholarship?

Exceptions can be granted under certain circumstances and we have an appeals process in place. Please contact the CFANS Scholarship Coordinator for more information.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Holly Klinger, CFANS Scholarship Coordinator

kling175@umn.edu/ 612-626-5602