Sarah Christopher

Applied Economics | Junior | Robert Henton Fund

Sitting in the classroom as a 23-year-old, Sarah Christopher is not your typical college student.  She began college at Concordia University as an honors student. When some unforeseen health issues got in the way of her focus at school, she took time away for herself and eventually transferred to St. Paul College after her first semester.

“I had to let my ego take a hit in order to take care of myself,” she says.

Christopher went out on a limb by applying to the University of Minnesota and was excited when she received notification of her acceptance. She is now pursuing a degree in applied economics and has held an internship with Delta Cargo as a customer service representative. Upon graduation, she would like to further her experience within logistics and business analytics and potentially earn a master’s degree in supply chain management.

“I am grateful for the large sense of community that the University of Minnesota fosters within the Twin Cities. I am able to make connections with a wide variety of people just by saying, ‘I go to school at the U.’”