Discovering Global Solutions

That's what we've tried to do with this special section: show the incredible breadth and depth of the global research, teaching and outreach by CFANS faculty, students and staff. People associated with the college are working on all seven continents doing everything from tracking rare wildlife to planting trees for erosion prevention, to testing new varieties of disease-resistant crops. In fact, there are more examples than we could possibly fit onto this map and listings. The map doesn't include students' individual study-abroad trips, nor does it include CFANS alumni who are living and working outside the United States. It doesn't include specifics about students participating in MAST, the international agricultural training program based in the college. And undoubtedly there are faculty, staff and students who somehow were missed this spring and summer when we asked for information about their global work.

We want this project to be the start of a living, useful database. This printed section is available as a reprint; we’re also building an online version that contains all of this information plus more as it becomes available.

If you have updates to add to our database, please contact Honey VanderVenter at