Global Research

International Research

International Research

As the college most closely connected with the University of Minnesota's historical roots as a land-grant institution, our programs support the university’s goal of becoming one of the world’s top research universities through interdisciplinary and aligned research efforts and a systems approach to complex problems. This map is a snapshot of the CFANS projects taking place around the world in summer 2012.


CFANS strives to expand its world-class research and graduate education programs through strategic investments and competitive success. CFANS has long held an international profile because of our renowned research collaborations, presence in agricultural programs in developing countries, preparation of graduate students from countries across the world, and numerous study abroad opportunities for undergraduates.

A Leader in Research

Through interdisciplinary and aligned research efforts, CFANS plays a lead role in keeping Minnesota competitive and connected as challenges and discoveries emerge in genomics, plant and animal biology, public health, food safety and security, renewable energy, conservation, and more.

The college wants to position the university as one of the country's premier research institutions by pursuing these research initiatives:

  • To develop viable food and agricultural systems for the 21st century

  • To become a renowned national center of excellence in research related to energy and products from renewable resources

  • To address fundamental issues related to global climate and environmental change

  • To develop capacity for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and training laboratories in support of graduate and undergraduate students