Community Snapshots

A quick glance around the state shows the diversity of the collaborations between university resources and community priorities.

community at the research and outreach centersThe Cloquet Forestry Center welcomes both college students and natural resource professionals to hands-on training. The center also is home to the Sustainable Forests Educational Cooperative, which offers continuing education opportunities for foresters and natural resource managers in Minnesota and the region.

The Horticultural Research Center is well known for research, plant introductions, and outreach activities. With its partner the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, it is a popular destination for urban, suburban and rural Minnesotans seeking an invigorating walk through spring blossoms, summer shade gardens and fall color landscapes.

The North Central Research and Outreach Center is the northernmost cold hardiness evaluation site in the continental United States and has  played a significant role in the development of winter hardy fruits and woody/herbaceous ornamental plants.

The Northwest Research and Outreach Center the first outstate research center in Minnesota, was established in 1895 via a land donation from James J. Hill.  Research focuses on variety development, nutrient and fertilizer management, agronomic practices, as well as weed, pest and pathogen management and control. From the flat, rich soils of the Red River Valley to the diversified crop and livestock enterprises that surround the valley, Northwest Minnesota ranks at the top of the state in gross farm income from crop production.

The Rosemount Research and Outreach Center connects University of Minnesota research to a primarily urban and suburban audience. Its land is dedicated to wide-ranging faculty research on soybeans, potatoes, small grains, soil fertility, forages, vegetable production, plant pest management, carbon sequestration, turf grass, ornamental plants, turkeys, honey bees, beef cattle and recreational trails. community at the research and outreach centers

The Southwest Research and Outreach Center has a long history of serving the region through advancements in crop production and environmental quality research and outreach activities. The center integrates its research and outreach mission with a statewide K–12 education program that supports science literacy and is aligned with Minnesota graduation standards.

The West Central Research and Outreach Center horticultural gardens, established in 1920, are designated an All-America Selections Display Garden. Visitors learn about new and traditional landscape and garden plants especially suited to Zone 4 hardiness—information they can use to beautify private and public landscapes and improve quality of life in their communities. The site offers horticulture discussions, demonstrations of gardening techniques and a Children’s Garden, and is the site of numerous wedding celebrations.

The Southern Research and Outreach Center has a strong tradition of crop and livestock research that has expanded to include added values such as human disease prevention, bio-based products and renewable energy, environmental health, ecological service and other opportunities for empowering the landscape in a viable and strong bio-based economy. The center partners with area stakeholders ranging from youth groups to master gardeners to the medical community to put its research to practical uses.