Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Brea

Today is the first morning waking up in Nang Ma. Three others and I spent the night sleeping in hammocks we set up the night before while the rest slept in tents spread out in various areas throughout our campground. Everyone starts the day by taking a ‘nature pee’ in a secret hidden place somewhere in the jungle surrounded by thorny bamboo followed by brushing their teeth in the beautiful stream located only a few feet away from our tents. Dave, being the chef that he is, made fried eggs in the giant wok over the burner.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Michael

Thailand mornings are always slightly more frigid than I would like. As I do my basic morning routine I weigh the costs and benefits of changing out of my pajama pants before going to breakfast. After fierce internal deliberation, I come to the conclusion that my smurf pants are too much of an asset to disregard at this time. At breakfast, I happily indulge in what I previously considered an oddity before venturing to Thailand: breakfast soup. The soup is essentially a broth with veggies and some meat from an unknown source that you pour over rice.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by TJ

Today we woke up around 8 o’clock and headed down to breakfast at the usual time of 8:30. After eating our meal of rice, chicken wings, vegetables and guava, we headed up to the classroom to get ready for a lecture by Mai on camera trapping.  The lecture focused on what is possible with camera trapping, as well as what alternate methods are. For example, she mentioned that in India, researchers used to count tiger footprints to estimate the numbers of tigers.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Ellie

Today, we woke to a quiet morning. The gibbons spoke only a few howls through the trees, far from the cabins. We prepared for the day, which held presentations in the morning, and hiking to tiger kill sites in the afternoon. Like most mornings, the group met Francie for breakfast at 8 a.m. We were served rice, and a warm soup with cooked radish in it. After breakfast and dishes were done, everyone walked up the hill to the classroom. Tome gave a short presentation on how the research station immobilizes (darts) tigers after catching them in the snare.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Ryan

Waking up on the third of January, we heard the singing of the white-handed gibbons in the canopy right outside of our houses. However, this morning the gibbons had moved away, and we could barely discern the various tones of whoops of the primates between those of the local birds. All sixteen of us had read the MacKenzie paper, and neither Dr. Smith nor Joob believed us initially. That is of course, until our collective knowledge answered their opening volley of questions to Joob’s presentation with flying colors.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Melissa

The first thing we heard this morning were Gibbons screaming in the jungle surrounding the research station complex around 6 am. Eventually, I gave up on attempting to sleep through the racket and got ready to go down the hill to the kitchen. It wasn't much of a surprise that once again we were served breakfast rice soup, however I kind of enjoyed this and here at the station the soup was even better than before. After breakfast we headed up to the classroom area, which is a tile floor, with no walls, covered by a roof, and tables and chairs.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Melissa

Today we left Thap Sakae in the south of Thailand and started our journey to the Khao Nang Rum research station in Huai Kha Khaeng.  Our day started off with the usual breakfast rice soup and mini bananas before we loaded up once again into the vans and headed out on our long day of traveling.  Along the way we stopped at a restaurant owned and operated by a man with seven wives.  I had the rice noodle soup which contained fish balls.  When the fish balls were avoided it was a really delicious soup.  Then we loaded up the vans and drove another couple of hours before we stopped at a gas sta

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Clare

Today, we woke up at the private bungalow where we were staying and piled into the vans to travel to the beach and nearby markets. The ride in total took a few hours and a few of us did not feel great as we were nauseated from the ride. Fortunately, Thai road trips are different than American ones; they’re a lot more relaxed. The van drivers stopped for anyone needing the bathroom.  Usually we stopped for about 20 minutes and we always got to sit and relax for meals.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Clare

Today started off bittersweet, as we woke up on the barge and had to pack up to leave. This has definitely started to feel very comfortable, spending most of our time on the barge with little vacations to explore specific areas along the river, having a routine for meals and evenings, with our sleeping spots all laid out and organized. As we packed, the barge crew prepared our final breakfast, and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to people we had come to know and enjoy quite well.

Thailand Journal 2015-2016 by Laura

Even though it’s only our second full day in Thailand it feels like it’s been a full week at least. Part of that is probably because of the limited space on the barge and how busy the days have been. Despite the close quarters, the barge has been really fun, and it's probably helpful for us all to be a bit confined these first few days to get to know one another. In the morning it was my group's turn to cook breakfast.