Clare Tan - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2018

Of the three week duration of the program, a majority of our time was spent in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, with the remainder spent on cultural immersion, travel, and a two-day mist netting and bird banding component. All in all, I feel that my experience truly reaffirmed my passion in wildlife and conservation, and that I am more sure of my ambitions than I was before


Danielle Brown - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2017

Choosing to study abroad in Thailand was one of the best decisions I made for myself academically, professionally, and personally during my time at the University of Minnesota. 


Emily Roach - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2018

My study abroad experience to Thailand has changed my life. I fell in love with the country, from the energy of Bangkok to the mystery of the jungle. The rich culture and welcoming attitude of the people that call Thailand home astounded and intrigued me.


Abby Daniel - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2018

Just traveling to a foreign country in general can change a person, help them grow, but being able to study in one with some amazing people can increase that growth tenfold.


Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Alexis

Everyone awoke wrapped in the comfort of the Fortuna Hotel’s clean sheets in Bangkok. While we were all looking forward to heading home, we weren’t about to waste a minute of our time in the heart of Thailand. Everyone met for breakfast promptly at 8 am in the hotel dining area. Able to choose from a variety of Thai soups and noodles to eggs and French toast, almost everyone gravitated immediately towards the eggs and French toast, likely due to the lack of American food we ate over the past three weeks!

Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Veronica

Today began just as yesterday did, with fabulous French press coffee made by Dave and all of us piling into the back of a massive truck. We reached our bird netting sites well before dawn, set up the nets, and waited. Breakfast came in the form of super spicy instant noodles that burned all of our lips. The sunrise was a gentle kind of beautiful; the bluish grey clouds were broken by the occasional stream of red sunlight, which expanded until the whole sky lit up. Soon enough, we got our first birds!

Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Megan

This morning was the earliest we have had to wake up on the trip so far. We had to meet as a group in front of Dave and Francie’s bungalow at 4:45am. Once there, we had coffee while we waited for the pick-up trucks to arrive. It seemed like everyone was in a pleasant mood, despite the hour. The ride to the docks was short, about 10 minutes or less. The only light was the moon in the sky. We arrived at the docks and, sitting about 8 people to a boat, we pulled away to begin the boat ride to the small research station located on an “island”.

Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Jeff

Realizing today was the last day in HKK was saddening, as the experiences we’ve had with the staff here at Khao Nang Rum Research Station were incredible. Like we did every morning, we walked past the spider tree on the hill down to where we ate. A dense fog hung over the open field that we drove past when we would leave the station, and the ominous clouds overhead didn’t provide any comfort for the potential conditions for mistnetting the following day. Breakfast consisted of the typical pork and cabbage stew and rice.

Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Tessa

We woke up early to the sound of rain on the roofs of our tents. Luckily it stopped for a while so we could pack up and load the truck. Dave made French toast for breakfast. We road in the back of the trucks out of the park and then loaded into vans which took us to our lunch spot. The rain had started up again since packing up after breakfast. It felt cozy to be eating in a small open-air restaurant while the rain came down just a few meters away. The restaurant was in a town about 20 minutes from where we met the vans.

Thailand Journal 2016-2017 by Josh

Today was the second day of setting out camera traps with the technicians. Ben and I went on a short yet difficult hike. The trek was only about 2.5 kilometers long but almost all the way uphill. I would have preferred a longer trek but Ben, my partner, had a sore knee. We saw some cool scenery due to the elevation increase so I won’t complain. The group that hiked 17 kilometers saw and heard elephants, and even had to run quietly down the trail to get out of the area.