Poland: A Lens into Sustainability - Farms and Forests

CFAN 3500Polish Forest

May 19 – June 12, 2015

Application Deadline:
February 16, 2015

You are an explorer. You are an investigator. You are a historian. You are a photojournalist telling the story of a country in transition. You will be all of those things in this three-week adventure in Poland. Using photography and interview skills (you'll receive basic training prior to departure), you will tell the story of Poland's recent emergence, from Soviet pawn to vibrant success story. Poland's determined people have made huge leaps in economics, environment and infrastructure – yet the farms are modest family operations that mainly supply the needs of the family much like two generations ago in the U.S. You will meet with farmers and scientists and tell their stories – of scientific discovery, successful enterprise or cultural treasure – through your photographs. Expeditions include: museums of resistance fighters and history, livestock-orchard- and mountain forestry research stations, the U.S. Embassy, and a performance at the Soviet-built Palace of Culture. In Krakow you will visit the Old Town, Wawel Castle (one of the most beautiful in central Europe), and the Auschwitz concentration camp. You will explore the Tatra mountains, on the Czech border, with pine forests and hot springs. Through this program, you will gain a basic understanding of food production, develop your photography skills, and better understand Eastern Europe.

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Students interested in photography, leadership and entrepreneurship, European history, food systems, conservation and management of natural resources, sustainability, photojournalism and creativity.




David L. Hansen, photojournalist with the University of Minnesota's Agricultural Experiment Station, documents discoveries and research by faculty scientists and their students throughout five colleges. He has documented U of MN discovery and taught similar programs around the world.