#UMNCareerChat: Launch into Fall Recruiting

September 18, 2017
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Fall is peak recruiting time for many organizations hiring for internships and full-time opportunities. Join this Twitter chat hosted by @UMNAlumni to ask questions and share tips on finding relevant job postings, networking, and interviewing. All are welcome to participate via #UMNCareerChat. The following questions will be discussed: 
Q1: What are the best ways to find relevant job postings for your interests?
Q2: In what ways is networking important to a successful internship/job search? 
Q3: What strategies do you recommend for getting started with networking? 
Q4: What are good tips for introducing yourself and getting the conversation going at career fairs and networking events? 
Q5: What are good strategies to prepare and reduce nerves for interviewing? 
Q6: What are the top things applicants should be thinking about/doing to have a successful Fall recruiting experience?