U of M Day of Service

Tree Planting with Hennepin County Forestry Department
October 14, 2017
9:00am to 12:00pm


Hennepin County recognizes that a healthy tree canopy is a critical part of our work to protect air, land and water and conserve our natural resources for future generations. The vision of the Hennepin County forestry program is to have a tree canopy that is diverse, healthy, maintained, protected and resilient.


Volunteers will be planting bareroot trees that will be placed by pre-drilled holes. There will still be a need to shovel soil to the necessary depth and width. Trees will be paced in the hole at the correct depth and soil will then be placed back in the planting hole. There may be a need for some trees to be staked and tied. All training will be given on site, the day of the planting and there will be “group leaders” that will assist their group with any questions.

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