Phenology Walk at the Native American Medicine Garden

May 13, 2017

The Backyard Phenology Project and the UMN Native American Medicine Garden invite you to participate in a new community collaboration.

The first event in this collaborative process will be a talking circle on Saturday May 13th @ 10:00am at the Native American Medicine Garden on the UMN St. Paul Campus.

We are looking for community members who are interested in:

    • Collaborating with our team members to design a phenology experience and community events at the Native American Medicine Garden and regularly participating in a “phenology walk” and community events.
    • Interested individuals will work as a cohort, attending collaborative workshops to discuss, define, and design a community phenology experience; participate in ongoing engagement with the site; connect with other members of their communities about what is happening at the Medicine Garden; and practice respect and stewardship of the garden and it’s plant and animal communities.
    • Regularly participating in a “phenology walk” and community events at the Native American Medicine Garden.
    • Interested individuals or groups will commit to visiting the garden regularly, following artistic and observational prompts, collecting phenology data, and connecting with other members of the Medicine Garden community.

University of Minnesota Native American Medicine Garden

The University of Minnesota Native American Medicine Gardens was established in 1999 through the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives program Woodlands Wisdom.  The Healing and Medicinal Garden recognizes that the university sits on the traditional lands of the Dakota Nation and offers healing, food and medicine plants for students at the University as well as the public.

Recognizing the ongoing legacy of the colonization of native peoples and the public mission of the University of Minnesota, College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences is core to the garden. The garden offers healing and acknowledges that we are stronger when we recognize and share the burden of that legacy.

The Project

The Backyard Phenology Project is a partnership between scientists, artists, researchers, and indigenous people working on new approaches to connect communities to the natural world. This approach combines artistic practice, scientific observation, and diverse ways of knowing and experiencing the environment.

The project aims to engage community groups in a design process to develop site-specific “phenology walks” that include observation, artistic expression, and reflection.

The Backyard Phenology team includes artist Christine Baeumler, CFANS professors Rebecca Montgomery, Nick Jordan, and Mae Davenport, Native American Medicine Garden coordinator Francis Bettelyoun, Sustainability Education Coordinator Beth Mercer-Taylor, and graduate students Kate Flick and Jenn Shepard.

The Native American Medicine Garden will act as host for a phenology walk. We are looking for community members and groups who currently engage with the garden or are interested in getting involved.