Mite Management Clinic

June 3, 2017
10:00am to 12:00pm

University of Minnesota Bee Squad, helping the Twin Cities area foster healthy bee populations
Varroa destructor is one of the biggest problems you will need to manage in your hive. Learn from the experts how to properly deal with these pests. In the first half of the class, you and other beekeepers will learn about this parasitic mite, including its biology, and review your management options. The second half of class will take place in the Arboretum Apiary where you will observe how mites are monitored via the powdered sugar roll test. Management techniques, including drone comb replacement and organic miticide use, will also be demonstrated. You will leave equipped with practical ways to deal with this destructive pest. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Students must bring their own protective gear and wear a veil in the Apiary.
Bee Center, includes Arboretum admission