Colony Wintering Preparation Clinic

August 5, 2017
10:00am to 12:00pm

University of Minnesota Bee Squad, helping the Twin Cities area foster healthy bee populations
Winter in Minnesota can be bitter, especially if you are a honey bee. Proper preparation for honey bee colony wintering begins in the late summer. The University of Minnesota Bee Squad will review the wintering needs of a colony and the biological basis for them. You and your fellow beekeepers will learn how to evaluate whether your colony has enough winter stores and the importance of winter preparation steps. This class starts in the classroom and transitions to the Arboretum Apiary for a demonstration of wintering a hive. You will leave with the confidence to prepare your own hives for a healthy and well-managed winter. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Students must bring their own protective gear and wear a veil in the Apiary.
Bee Center, includes Arboretum admission