2017 Ten Plants Teacher Training

June 20, 2017
9:00am to 3:00pm

Do you know the 10 Plants that changed Minnesota? Learn these plants along with fun and educational STEM activities that meet Minnesota graduation standards. Designed for middle and high school students, but easily adapted to younger students, activities range from measuring the value of a tree, measuring wild rice populations in Minnesota lakes, how plant breeders produce new apples and how to measure lawn fertilizer. Who should attend? Anyone who teaches kids and wants to learn more about plants and Minnesota!  

Plan now to attend 10 Plants That Changed Minnesota teacher training free workshops. Beginning at 9 am and running until 3 pm, the agenda for each workshop includes a breakfast and lunch, and 6 hours of continuing education. PLUS all science teachers receive the new 10 Plants That Changed Minnesota book and the 70-page 10 Plants Teachers Activities Handbook.

Twelve workshops will be held throughout Minnesota throughout the year of 2017. Check out dates and locations here!