September 2015 Trivia Answer & Winners

Gary Sloan ('87), Mary Varney ('97), Paul Pagel ('85) and Jodi Nelson ('91) were the four people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to Jodi Nelson ('91), whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

October alumni trivia question:

Stripe rust, is one of the three wheat rust diseases principally found in wheat grown in cooler environments. Symptoms are stunted and weakened plants, shriveled grains, fewer spikes, loss in number of grains per spike and grain weight. Losses can be 50%, but in severe situation 100% is vulnerable. One recent report co-authored by University of Minnesota professor estimated how much wheat is lost to stripe rust each year?

a) 3.42 million tonnes
b) 5.47 million tonnes
c) 1.56 million tonnes
d) 7.92 million tonnes

b) 5.47 million tonnes

Professor Phil Pardey, a co-author of the report, estimates that 5.47 million tonnes of wheat are now lost to stripe rust each year, equivalent to a loss of nearly one billion dollars per year... Pardey, Director of Global Research Strategy, at the University of Minnesota, said the key wheat rust concern for Australia was stripe rust.  While recent global attention has focused on the deadly stem rust disease Ug99, a potentially greater threat to the world's wheat may come from stripe rust as Australian and US farmers have experienced," he said. More info...