October 2016 Trivia Answers

Roger Hanson '61 '64, Mary Varney '97, and Norm Sieling '58 were the first three people to correctly answer the question! Congratulations!

October Trivia Question:

The University of Minnesota marching band is a favorite to watch at home football games, especially during the pre-game and half-time show performances. Taking into account the 18-minute pre-game show and the 16-minute half-time show, the 300 members of the Minnesota Marching Band combined walk the equivalent of approximately what distance from TCF Bank Stadium during one football game?

a. To Chicago, Illinois (407 miles)
b. To Rochester, Minnesota (87 miles)
c. To Farmington Hills, Michigan (525 miles)
d. To Brookings, South Dakota (213 miles)

Answer: Farmington Hills, Michigan (525 miles)!