2018 Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony

Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance and the Future of Evolution
Jonathan Losos
September 20, 2018
5:00pm to 8:30pm

Dr. Jonathan LososThe new Bell Museum is the location for the 2018 Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony, on September 20.

This year’s lecture will be presented by Jonathan Losos, Washington University. His lecture, “Fate or Chance: Is Evolution Predictable, and Were Humans an Inevitable Result?” will explore fascinating questions about life on earth including: Are the plants and animals that exist today, and we humans ourselves, predictable inevitabilities or historical flukes, the happy, but improbable, result of the particular chain of events that occurred over Earth’s history? Come hear Losos reveal what the latest breakthroughs biology say about one of the greatest ongoing debates in science: Is the history of life on earth predictable?

Events start with a reception at 5 PM, followed by the awards ceremony (6-6:30), and lecture (6:30-7:30).
Losos will give a lecture on his research on Friday at noon in 495 Hodson. This talk is entitled, "Experimental Studies in Evolution: Research on Lizard Adaptation in the Bahamas." More information about the Kolshorn events.
Losos is a member of the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration and editor-in-chief of The Princeton Guide to Evolution. He is the author of “Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles.” His latest book from Riverhead Books is “Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance and the Future of Evolution.”