Collegiate Awards

CFANS Award Recipients

Complete lists of award winners from 2008-present are currently available.

CFANS Civil Service Bargaining Unit (CSBU) Staff Award

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of two members of the CSBU staff; one for administrative appointment and the other for a scientific/ technical appointment. Past recipients.

CFANS Distinguished Academic (P&A) Staff Award

This award recognizes the two members of the P&A staff in furthering the mission and goals of their unit(s) and the college; one for academic related duties and the other for scientific work. Past recipients.

Distinguished Teaching Awards: Undergraduate; Graduate

CFANS established the Distinguished Teaching Awards to recognize faculty who have made significant contributions to teaching, both in undergraduate and graduate education. This award symbolizes the college's commitment to educational excellence. (undergraduate faculty recipients;graduate faculty recipients)

Graduate Assistant Teaching Award

CFANS presents this award to a graduate teaching assistant who has demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching and education. Past Recipients.

Distinguished CFANS Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award is dedicated to those who are committed to developing the capacity of the college to celebrate, support and realize the value of diversity and inclusion in our community and among our partners. Past Recipients.

Distinguished Extension/ Outreach Award

This award symbolizes the college's commitment to excellence in extension/ outreach education and recognizes individuals who substantially contribute to the spirit of engagement found in our land grant mission. Past Recipients.

Innovation in Undergraduate Education Award

This award recognizes CFANS faculty and staff who have made notable innovations in undergraduate education at the college, department, or program level. In this rapidly changing world, innovation is necessary if a CFANS education is to continue to be relevant and valuable to our students, stakeholders, and the broader community.  The award is intended to encourage CFANS faculty and staff to be creative, strategic, and bold as we seek to find new ways to meet the needs of our undergraduate students and promote their success. Past Recipients.

Dean E. M. Freeman Medal

The Dean E.M. Freeman Medal is a significant award bestowed by the St. Paul campus community upon a student enrolled in a college or an academic program on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. Past Recipients.

Little Red Oil Can Award

The Little Red Oil Can Award was first given in 1916 as an expression of affection and appreciation to Dean E. M. Freeman. The award was given every year for 59 years until it was retired in 1975. This was not an award for service, although unselfish service was one of the criteria. All past recipients demonstrated a special concern for others, and interest in the general welfare of the community, and were held in high esteem within the campus structure.

CFANS Scholars Walk Honorees

The Scholars Walk, a wide pathway featuring 40 bur oak trees and monuments, celebrates the research and classroom accomplishments of the U’s award-winning faculty and students, and for the first time provides a prominent, permanent memorial to those honored.

CFANS Student Board Awards

Each spring semester there is a call for nominations for student organization, faculty and staff awards. The CFANS student body is invited to nominate worthy candidates for awards that are conferred at the Borealis Night of Excellence event.