“People have mixed feelings about the crows,” Menken says. “I personally think they’re really cool. They’re very, very smart, and do learn how to interact with people and what we leave behind.”

—The Bell Museum’s Jennifer Menken, talking about Minneapolis’s thriving crow population.

“When the professors themselves are disagreeing over the answer to a question like that, imagine how the students are approaching this and what they’re thinking. That’s the fun of a class like this is that we cannot tell students the answer but rather allow them to discover it for themselves.”

—Jason Hill, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, interviewed for a Minnesota Public Radio story about the U’s grand challenge classes this semester.

“Who doesn’t love a good bear story?”

—Mark Ditmer, Conservation Science researcher, talking about all the media attention he received last year for a study showing bears’ heart rates increase in the presence of drones. A new study this summer is expected to yield more details.