Over Heard

“Grass is the connection of people to plants as more people move into cities. Golf courses are just an extension of that. It’s an engineered system that needs a little bit of fine tuning.”

    - Horticultural Science professor Brian Horgan, talking about Science of the Green™ project, which aims to make golf courses more environmentally and economically sustainable

“We need to be aware that just because we can’t visually see an effect, it doesn’t mean there’s not some sort of stress response going on.”

    - Mark Ditmer, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology researcher, talking about his published study of how black bears respond to agricultural drones: while the bears outwardly show no response, their heart rates soar

“If you’re a little kid in Mexico or Thailand, your family is eating chiles, so you’re going to, too. It’s not that people eat what they like. Instead, they like what they eat. Or rather, they like what they’ve been fed. What we eat repeatedly, we are socialized to like.”

    - Zata Vickers, professor of food science and nutrition and leader of the Sensory Center

“Whoa! What Honeycrisp are you talking about?”

    - David Bedford, CFANS apple breeder, in response to a New York Times diss of the darling of the apple world, the Minnesota-developed Honeycrisp