The Future is Now

The Future is Now

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“Faculty, graduate students and post-docs are the heart of our research, outreach and educational enterprise,” says Brian Buhr, CFANS dean.  “They’re the lifeblood that brings in new ideas and innovation.”

Welcome to this special issue of Solutions. We've thrown out our regular format and focus on research in the college—don't worry, it'll be back with our summer issue—to devote the whole magazine to highlighting the remarkable work of CFANS' early-career faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral associates.

Since 2011, more than 50 new assistant and associate professors have joined CFANS’ roughly 240 tenure-track and tenured faculty group. Many of the new faculty members were hired for positions that cross traditional academic discipline borders. They specialize in topics like remote sensing, crop physiology, microbiology, metabolomics and other things that few people had heard of a decade or two ago.

Of course, all of the new faculty members are rock stars, but we’re only able to tell you about a handful of them in this issue. We selected the faculty who are highlighted here as a cross-section of academic disciplines, backgrounds and interests, but they are by no means the only early-career faculty who deserve time in the spotlight.

The same is true of the graduate students and post-docs you’ll read about in these pages. We asked advisers and department heads to tell us about their best and brightest, and received more than 60 suggestions. Seventeen of them are featured—briefly—in these pages, and their profiles are intentionally interspersed with faculty from different disciplines. It’s a reflection of the idea that the future depends on the kinds of unexpected connections that can be made in a college like CFANS.