Peter Moe will be interim Arboretum director

October 30, 2015

Peter MoePeter Moe has agreed to be interim director at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. He'll begin that role in December to ensure a smooth transition when -- as previously announced - director Ed Schneider departs for a new position in Texas in early January. 

He has been Director of Operations and Research at the Arboretum since 1991 and is acting director in the director's absence. He also manages the Horticultural Research Center next door to the Arb. He is a graduate of CFANS and along with his role at the Arboretum, he has been an instructor in the Department of Horticultural Science. 

His expertise is in working in rare plant conservation as well as evaluation and selection of plants for the northern United States, helping to create biodiversity as well as alternatives for landscapers and gardeners in Minnesota.  He's been the common denominator as Arboretum collections have grown dramatically in size and quality. "He brings these public and professional gardens to life," Brian Buhr, CFANS dean, said in announcing Moe's appointment. 

"Along with collections growth, Pete has been at the core of land acquisitions at the Arboretum, adding forest, wetlands and farmland to showcase conservation and research for visitors. Nobody knows the delicate and vibrant balance of the arboretum better than Pete, and we're delighted that he will bring this experience and vision to the position during this transition. "

As Tom Martin, current president of the Arboretum board, said, "Peter brings tremendous historical perspective to the position, a love for horticulture and a particular love for the Arboretum, strong Minnesota and Minnesota/Northern plants background and a desire to preserve the natural setting of the Arboretum."

The search for a permanent director will begin early next year.