Mark Bellcourt

CFANS Academic Advisor
190 Coffey Hall
+1 612 625 3915

Many Indigenous people have certain protocols for introductions. In keeping with the protocols of my Ojibwe ancestors, please allow me to introduce myself first Ojibwemong:

Boozhoo, Mark Bellcourt niin indizhinikaaz zhaanaashiimong. Bimose Inini idash nindigo Ojibwemong. Gaawiin ningikenimaasii indoodem. Gaa-Waabaabiganikaag niin indoojibaa. Ashkibugziibing nindayendaa noongom.

Greetings, my English name is Mark Bellcourt. However, I am called Walking Man in Ojibwe. I do not know my clan. I come from White Earth, but now I live in St. Paul.

I earned my Ed.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2005 in higher education policy and administration. My research interests are in Indigenous worldviews of math and science and how they can be better integrated into the mainstream curriculum. My master’s degree is in counseling and psychological services and bachelor’s degree in educational psychology and communications. I am currently the Coordinator for the President's Emerging Scholars (PES) program in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences (CFANS) and senior academic adviser in the College of Education and Human Development. I teach a freshman seminar spring semester called "Native American Ways of Knowing the Environment" (CFAN 1902), lead a Global Seminar called "From Minnesota to Ecuador: Indigenous Environmental Knowledge," and co-teach a seminar for the "Dean's Engaged Leaders Program" and a new integrated course with an international component. Also, I am a part of a team working in the CFANS Office of Diversity and Inclusion to deliver a host of diversity and inclusion initatives in the college and greater campus community. In my spare time, I serve on the national board of directors for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) and on the executive council of the North Star AISES Alliance and Professional Chapter.

Mark Bellcourt