Kilgore assumes role as Head of Forest Resources

Professor Michael Kilgore will assume the role of Head of the Department of Forest Resources August 28th.

Professor Kilgore's understanding of and appreciation for the University of Minnesota runs strong, as he earned his B.S., '82, in Recreation Research Management and his M.S., '84, and Ph.D., '90, in Forestry with an emphasis on forest economics, policy, and administration here.

Mike served as interim head of the Forest Resources Department since June 2016. He became a professor in 2010, a natural progression of his excellence as an educator upon coming to the department as an assistant professor in 2001. Until his appointment as interim head, Mike had served as the director of the Natural Resources Science and Management graduate studies program.

Prior to his arrival in the Forest Resources Department, Mike served as executive director of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, as well as in leadership roles with the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board, Conservation Legacy Council, and Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

Mike has published extensively in his field, with 80 refereed journal publications.  He has earned a sterling reputation in the economics of managing forests and related natural resources and his solid research has led to solid contributions in areas including natural resources policies and programs, the financial and economic consequences of alternative timber harvesting and forest management practices, the use and effectiveness of various policy tools to promote sustainable natural resources management, the design and administration of forest resources policies and programs, and trends in and influences on the valuation and taxation of forest and related natural resources lands.

A caring and valued adviser to countless students, Mike received the 2009 Richard C. Newman Art of Teaching Award. Among his other awards are the 2011 Richard C. Newman Community Impact Award, 2010 Sigurd F. Olson Conservation Award, and Forest Resources Association Inc.’s 2004 Lake States Regional Technical Writing Award.