July 2015 Trivia Answer & Winners

Lauren McCarthy, Bruce Brown ('52), Rachel Alioto ('13), Hal Undersander ('85), and Sonia Jacobsen ('78) were the first five people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to Hal Undersander ('85), whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

July trivia question:

Which new "superfood" are CFANS researchers developing into a nutritious and renewable source of high-energy, nutrient-dense feed ingredient for poultry, swine, fish and cattle?

a) kale
b) microalgae
c) dandelion greens
d) distillers dried grains with solubles

b) microalgae

In an era when a new "superfood" status seems to be declared every few minutes (we're looking at you, kale), it seems only fair that animals have a chance to enjoy some of the latest trends in healthy eating too. After years of popularity as a delicacy in Asian cuisine and as a supplement for the health-conscious, microalgae like spirulina and chlorella are now being explored as a potentially nutrient-dense ingredient for animal feed. One promising project, which includes CFANS researchers, aims to select the most promising algal strains with properties of high growth rates and desired nutritional composition, find ways to cultivate them on food and agricultural waste water streams, and then use them as a high-energy, nutrient-dense feed ingredient for poultry, swine, fish and cattle.Read the full article.