January 2017 Trivia Answers

Roger Wippler '85, Tim Schulz '74, and Norm Sieling '58 were the first three people to answer the December trivia question correctly. Congratulations! 

January alumni trivia question:

Even though the lakes are frozen, researchers at the University of Minnesota will be growing and studying a specific type of invasive species at the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center.  This invasive species was discovered in 2 Minnesota lakes in 2015. This past summer, it was found in 7 more.  What type of species will they be growing in the lab? 

a) Chinese mitten crabs,
b) Hydrilla,
c) Eurasian watermilfoil,
d) Starry Stonewart

The answer: Starry Stonewart!

The Starry Stonewart is an aquatic invasive species that is spreading like wildfire across lakes in Minnesota. The plant grows from the bottom towards the waters surface and can continue growing up to 4 feet. This can ruin fish habitat, smother out existing plants, and destroy swimming areas. Researchers at the University of Minnesota plan to grow Starry Stonewart in the lab to determine how defeat it. Learn more about this story from 5 Eyewitness News.