Jacobson Receives 2018 Environmental Steward Award

Dr. Larry Jacobson (‘83 Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering), Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Professor Emeritus, has received the 2018 Environmental Steward Award from the Minnesota Pork Congress.

Dr. Jacobson has seen how the business of raising pigs has changed throughout his professional career and he has played an important role in helping shape some of today’s common industry practices. One such development includes the creation of the OFFSET Tool, which is commonly used today.

At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Jacobson’s time is spent working with both extension (outreach) and teaching. His extension title is “Extension Engineer - Livestock Housing Systems”. In this role, he disseminates technical and research information on animal housing to stakeholders such as livestock producers, animal industry representatives, government agency personnel, and equipment and building suppliers. His research topics include: green housing systems for pigs, geothermal cooling and heating in a pig finishing barn, alternative energy systems and conservation for dairy and swine production, and climate change impacts on animal production.

Details about the award and Dr. Jacobson’s many qualifications and accomplishments can be found in the Minnesota Pork Congress’ announcement here.

Photo: Dr. Larry Jacobson (right), with Randy McMahon, CEO of Balzer, Inc., sponsor of the 2018 Environmental Steward Award.