House and Senate staff gain on-campus insights

Staff members of the Minnesota House and Senate visited to get a closer look at the work done on the St. Paul campus. Included in the visit were tours of and opportunities to visit with experts in the Bee Lab, Forever Green Initiative field plots, bio-safety lab, Food Science and Nutrition pilot lab, veterinary diagnostic laboratory, and the Raptor Center.

Participants included Julie Bayer, Adrian Benjamin, Kyle Bernt, Rachel Bucholz, Colie Colburn, Bethany Dorobiala, Andrew Erickson, larissa.fisher, Jason Fossum, Kayla Friedlund, Megan Hennen, Holly Iverson, Brittany Johnson, Robert Kringler, Andrew Larson, Darrin Lee, Harold Melcher, Cassandra Moore, Daniel Mueller, Josh Ney, Alex Phasy, Priyanka Premo, Emily Richter, Amanda Rudolph, Ken Savary, Sara Sunderman, Amanda Tinsley, and Jessica Young.