Grand Challenges in Agriculture:
Past Success and Future Collaboration with Moroccan Partners

September 16, 2015

Join the celebration of a long and successful history between the University of Minnesota, Morocco's Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, Hassan II and the National School of Agriculture. Please RSVP by Monday September 14.

For nearly twenty years the University of Minnesota coordinated the participation of over 25 land-grant universities in the United States to train a generation of more than 350 Moroccan scientists and researchers. Known as the Minnesota Project, this USAID supported program granted 132 doctorates and 250 master’s degrees to Moroccan students who studied at the University of Minnesota or one of the other universities. Many of these graduates hold positions of leadership in Morocco, such as U of M alumnus Mohammed Sadiki (see below) and have expressed interest in re-building this relationship to collaborate on research projects that affect both Minnesota and Morocco.

1:30p.m. - Presentations from University of Minnesota faculty and Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture
St. Paul Student Center Theater

1:30p.m.  Introduction and Overview
Dave Mulla, professor and W.E. Larson Chair for Soil & Water Resources; Department of Soil, Water, & Climate; College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, UMN
1:35p.m. A look back - history of the Morocco/U of MN relationship 
Steve Clarke, consultant
2:00p.m.  A look forward - CVM
Andres Perez, associate professor; Department of Veterinary Population Medicine; College of Veterinary Medicine, UMN
2:30p.m. A look forward - CFANS
Dave Mulla, professor and W.E. Larson Chair for Soil & Water Resources; Department of Soil, Water, & Climate; College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, UMN
3:00p.m.  Vision and Direction for Higher Education and development in Morocco 
Mohammed Sadiki '90, secretary general; Department of Agriculture; Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries
3:30pm Research priorities in Morocco
Mohamed Badraoui, director, National Agricultural Research Institute, Morocco
3:50pm School for Agricultural, Fertilization and Environmental Sciences
Mohamed Benkamoun, vice president for research, School for Agricultural, Fertilization and Environmental Sciences, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
4:00pm CFANS Distinguished Alumni Award presentation to Mohammed Sadiki

4:15p.m. - Reception: Honoring Mohammed Sadiki '90

Larson Gallery, exhibit Bridges to Morocco
Light refreshments will be served. 

CFANS Alumni Society Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Dr. Mohammed Sadiki '90 Mohammed Sadiki

Sadiki is one of the distinguished Moroccan students trained under a 20-year partnership between the University of Minnesota (USAID funded program) and Morocco's new Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II (IAV) from 1969 to 1993. With thirty years of professional career experience and expertise at the crossroads of academic, scientific, research and innovation and agricultural development, he has contributed significantly to his profession and to the development of the agriculture sector in Morocco. During his time at IAV, Dr. Sadiki advanced from Director of Research and Graduate Studies to becoming the Director of the Institute. He influenced the entire revision of the curriculum and implementation of the program structure for the fields of study; a systemic change that has had international impact. More recently, in his role as Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Mohammed has been key to implementation of the Green Morocco Plan—an innovative strategy transforming the national system of agriculture through research, education, policy development and private sector programs.