Give in honor of Norman Borlaug

You can be part of continuing the legacy of Norman Borlaug by giving a gift in his honor. Your name will be added to the Honor Borlaug Club, a list of donors published on this website. If you prefer to remain anonymous, let us know and your preference will be honored. Gifts of cash, stock and estate gifts all will be counted.
Make your gift to any of the funds dedicated to continuing his work. Simply click on this link to see the list of Borlaug funds. Select the fund(s) and give online.

You can mail your gift to:
University of Minnesota Foundation
PO Box 707870
St. Paul, MN 55170-3854
If you need help making a gift, please contact Cynthia Cashman at 612-624-7489 or

Borlaug Funds

Norman Borlaug Fund (Fund 3160)
To support activities and events that benefit undergraduate and graduate students.

Norman Borlaug Youth Institute Scholarship (Fund 5036)
Scholarships for Norman Borlaug Youth Institute participants. This fund will be used to attract and retain high-quality students who can create impact through innovation and leadership.

Norman E. Borlaug Fellowship for International Agriculture (Fund 1445)
To support outstanding graduate students at the university who are conducting their research on an important problem of cereal crops in a developing country, as per Norman Borlaug's wishes.

Vaala-Henry Endowment (In support of the Norman E. Borlaug Fellowships in International Agriculture and the Stakman-Borlaug Center for Plant Health) (Fund 9023)
To be used to supplement the Normal E. Borlaug Fellows in International Agriculture.

Stakman/Borlaug Center for Plant Health (Fund 8706)
Discretionary fund to be used by the Director of the Stakman/Borlaug Center for Plant Health