Excellent Taste

CFANS sees what others can’t.

And when it comes to healthy eating, we examine food through different lenses.

Food that’s bad for you often tastes good. That’s why so many people struggle with healthy eating. In CFANS, we gain a unique perspective by pairing research on flavor and sensory appeal with expertise in plant breeding and human nutrition. It’s a recipe for delicious foods that don’t require unhealthy additives or processing.

Excellent taste

Why do we crave salt, sugar, and fat? And is there a way to satisfy that craving with foods that taste good but without negative effects? In CFANS, we’re working to answer those questions, through collaborations that blend cutting-edge plant breeding techniques with the science of flavor and sensory appeal. Add in precision analytical tools and expertise in food processing techniques, and we’re well on the way toward improving the flavor quality of healthier food and promoting consumption of whole grains and foods formulated with reduced sugar, salt and fat.

  • The Flavor Research and Education Center in CFANS is the only U.S. laboratory focused on taste and its role in driving flavor acceptance and perception.
  • 68 percent of Americans older than 20 are overweight or obese (36 percent of the total are obese)
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