February 2015 Trivia Answer & Winners

Lauren McCarthy, Susan Winkelman, Hal Undersander ('85), David Resch ('73), and Susan Steingraber ('73, '79) were the first five people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to John Nagel ('86), whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

February's trivia question:
CFANS wildlife biologist, David Andersen, is one of the researchers who found evidence that birds may be able to sense severe storms in advance by detecting infrasound. The study, published in the journal Current Biology, looked at the movements of a certain songbird during a fiece storm system that involved 84 tornadoes in the southern states last April. Which songbird did they study?

a) northern parula
b) eastern wood peewee
c) black-capped chickadee
d) golden-winged warbler

d) golden-winged warbler

Scientists found that golden-winged warblers fled their nesting grounds in Tennessee last April up to two days before a tornadic storm system rolled through. The birds were apparently alerted to the danger by infrasound - detected while the storm was still hundreds of miles away. Pretty impressive! Read the full article.