Wilmes helps keeping it safe on the farm

Farm safety is an important topic, and Agricultural Education, Communication and Marketing (AECM) students and faculty are currently working on research to identify best communication practices that support the adoption of new safety behaviors. Graduate student Emily Wilmes presented this research in Logan, Utah, at the International Society for Ag Safety and Health Conference. The work, which was completed with AECM Major Coordinator Rebecca Swenson and supported by a grant from Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, is "Engaging Dairy Workers with Stockmanship and Safety Messages: Research Findings and Implications for Communication Strategies." Animal handling accidents are some of the most frequent and costly sources of worker injuries, and effective handling techniques are crucial to ensure human and animal safety. Their goal was to identify knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about farm safety and low-stress animal handling, barriers to implementing practices, and communication strategies for motivating behavior change.