Grad students claim equine competition wins

Recently, the University of Minnesota hosted the 25th Symposium of the Equine Science Society in Minneapolis. More than 100 graduate and undergraduate students from across the U.S. and world competed in various student research presentation competitions.

Several University of Minnesota graduate students placed in these competitions, including: first place, Genetics Graduate Student Competition, Elaine Norton advised by Dr. Molly McCue, "Identification of a genetic locus associated with height and metabolic traits in Welsh ponies;” first place, Production and Management Graduate Student Competition, Amanda Grev advised by Dr. Krishona Martinson, “A comparison of reduced lignin and conventional alfalfa varieties and their potential for use as equine forage sources;" third place Production and Management Graduate Student Competition, Devan Catalano advised by Martinson, “Estimation of actual and ideal bodyweight of miniature, saddle-type and gaited horses using morphometric measurements;" first place Extension and Teaching Graduate Student Competition, Abby Neu advised by Martinson, "Comparison of undergraduate student learning gains and satisfaction when enrolled in animal science courses offered in person and online." Neu is a Livestock Regional Extension Educator for the University of Minnesota Extension).

The following students also presented their research at the Symposium: Michelle DeBoer advised by Drs. Marcia Hathaway and Martinson, "Glucose response of horse grazing alfalfa, cool-season perennial grasses and teff across seasons,” Rachel Mottet advised by Martinson, "Effectiveness of stable fly protectants for adult horses;” Amanda Reiter (undergraduate student) advised by Martinson, "Variation in nitrate concentrations of alfalfa, perennial cool-season grasses and teff grazed by horses in the Upper Midwest;” and Mikayla McDonald (undergraduate student) advised by Dr. Molly McCue, "Association of leg length-to-torso ratios and metabolic phenotypes in Welsh ponies and Morgan horses.”


From left: Rachel Mottet, Amanda Grev, Abby Neu, Devan Catalano, Michelle DeBoer, and Amana Reiter