"One day a week, all our cows work just for exports."

—Dairy economist Marin Bozic, talking with KSTP-TV about how exports affect the prices consumers pay for milk.

"We're not quite to the point of handing the birds cellphones and getting pinpoint GPS on these tiny, tiny songbirds... The purpose of our study was just to see if birds this small could carry these things so we could start tracking their migration."

—CFANS adjunct assistant professor Henry Streby, talking to national media about the results of a study which unexpectedly revealed that birds had scattered from their migratory home in advance of severe thunderstorms

“Pretty much every member [of my ag fraternity] has a full-time job when they’re graduating. Every junior has an internship, most of the sophomores have internships and a good handful of freshmen have internships.”

—Adam Donkers, CFANS student, talking about the high demand for agricultural scientists in private industry for a Star Tribune story in February.