Dean's Message

Help us tell the CFANS story

Brian Buhr

CFANS Dean Brian Buhr

After nearly two years of leading CFANS, I'm still amazed at how often people ask, "What does the college do?"

Our name tells you the college's mission in the broadest sense possible: food, agricultural AND natural resource sciences. We do research, educate students, and collaborate with various communities about those three general topics.

Of course, the questioners are really asking a deeper question: What are the college's values? What are your priorities? How do I know that as a stakeholder, I can be proud of my affiliation with CFANS?

Clearly, we've been too Minnesota modest in selling ourselves. To that last point about pride, here are just a few of the stories we want to share:

If you're a potential student considering CFANS: We offer real-world training alongside the top scientists in our fields. Classes are small, as is the St. Paul campus, but you'll be able to take advantage of the resources only a large university offers. Job placement rates for our graduates are very high, and we'll offer you scholarships and internships to offset the costs and give you a head start on your career.

If you're an alumnus: CFANS may have changed its name since you were here, but we still offer the welcoming community and can-do spirit of our predecessor colleges. We have hundreds of stories about individual alumni doing amazing things, and we'd like to help share yours.

If you're a financial supporter: Thank you! Your contributions to CFANS scholarships and fellowships make it possible for students to fulfill their dreams. The need for scholarships, and particularly graduate student fellowships, continues to grow especially as the fields we study become increasingly complex both technically and scientifically.

That's just for starters. Solutions magazine exists to help tell our story and inspire readers to be proud of their college. But we can do more, and that's where we need your help. Every one of you has networks of people you know, personally and professionally, who might have an interest in becoming affiliated with the college. Share this magazine with them, tell them about your experience at the college, or bring them to campus for a visit.

Give a little time and effort, and you'll learn for yourself what the college is all about. And you'll know how to answer the next time someone asks you, "What does CFANS do?"