December 2014 Trivia Answer & Winners

Tatiana Hakanson ('14), Laura Burbank ('10), Steve Carnes, Ron Kelsey ('65) and Candice Kelly were the first five people to correctly answer the question!

Congratulations to Anke Reinders, whose name was randomly selected from the pool of correct answers to win this month's trivia prize!

December trivia question:
This past summer, U of M researchers reported in Nature Neuroscience on an experiment involving lab rats and a "restaurant row" that provides solid evidence the rats are capable of feeling _______?

a) regret
b) fear
c) anger
d) happiness

a) regret

Researchers placed the rats on a "restaurant row" that allowed them to make cacluated decisions about favorite morsels and less desireable options in relation to short and long wait times. A "good deal" meant a short wait for a preferred morsel, and a "bad deal" meant a long wait for a less-favored morsel. The experiment showed that rats who miscalculated their odds and passed up a "good deal" only to encounter a "bad deal" exhibited behavior and brain activity that expressed regret; furthermore the researchers could tell the difference between regret and simple disappointment. Read the full article.