Data Fields

CFANS sees what others can’t.

And when it comes to agriculture and data, we have the connections.

At every level of agricultural and food production, decisions must be made. Good decisions result from analyzing the right data. In CFANS, we combine expertise in plant health, precision agriculture and economics with the power of modern data-harvesting techniques and some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, all working together toward the goal of a sustainable, safe global food system.

Data Fields

Agricultural producers have always gathered and evaluated data. But the sheer volume of data being collected today -- from sensors under the soil to drones flying above, and everything in between -- is almost beyond comprehension. In CFANS, we have the tools to understand what all of the data means and to use it to inform smart decisions, whether at the field scale or in terms of global food policy. Through collaborations with the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute and our research partners around the world, we’re ahead of the game in ensuring global food security.

  • 3,864
    Times faster than a typical personal computer that the supercomputer “Mesabi” runs
  • Soybean, potato, wheat, corn, oat, apples and grapes
    Crops currently being emphasized in an integrated plant genetic improvement project that uses high throughput technologies to identify useful biotic and abiotic stress genes from diverse genetic resources.
Data and Crops