University of Minnesota dominates World Dairy Expo contest

October 1, 2015

University of Minnesota student members of the dairy cattle judging team had a very good week at the World Dairy Expo. The four-member team dominated a national competition by 54 points and won first-place awards in four team competitions and five of seven individual contests.

dairyteamThe team’s margin of victory at the Dairy Expo, held this week in Madison, Wis., is the second-largest in history. The Minnesota team also placed first in oral reasons; Holstein (by a 17-point margin); Jersey (by a 17-point margin); and Red & White (by a 16-point margin).  Team members also placed first overall individually in 5 of the 7 breeds of cattle in the judging contest.  

U of M team members and their hometowns are Vincent Migliazzo, of  Atwater, CA; Nathan Donnay, of Glencoe, MN; Eric Houdek, of Caledonia, MN; and Matthew Hanson, of Goodridge, MN.  Individually, Migliazzo was first overall (by a 5-point margin over his teammate Nathan Donnay).  Donnay, in turn, was second overall by a 7-point margin over the third-place overall finisher. Houdek and Hanson placed sixth and 11th overall, respectively.

Team members placed highly in individual contests: Migliazzo was first in reasons, Brown Swiss, Holstein and Red & White, and second in Jersey.  Donnay was first in Jersey, third in Holstein, fifth in Milking Shorthorn, sixth in Red & White, and seventh in Brown Swiss.  Houdek was first in Milking Shorthorn, second in Red & White, eighth in Holstein and Jersey, and Hanson was fourth in Red & White, sixth in Jersey, ninth in Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn.

Coaches for the team are Professor Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen and Alicia Thurk. Sixty-nine 4-year collegiate students competed in the contest. 

Team rank (points):  1. Minnesota (2562), 2. UW-Madison (2508), 3. Iowa State (2505), 4. Cornell (2474), 5. UW-River Falls (2464), 6. Virginia Tech (2453), 7. Michigan State (2427), 8. Penn State (2418), 9. UW-Platteville (2397), 10. Cal Poly (2391), 11. Purdue, 12. Ohio State, 13. Kansas State, 14. Illinois, 15. North Dakota State, 16. South Dakota State, 17. Kentucky, 18. Zamorano, Honduras